Our History: We began as a group of soldiers, adherents, and officers from Norway, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, and The United States of America. We followed the call of God to formulate a way that The Salvation Army can win souls through motorcycle ministry and evangelism. 

We started with the Salvation Rider MC concept and found it difficult to operate within The Salvation Army worldwide organization. We gave up that concept in 2007, and in 2010 developed the motorcycle ministry (MM) through the Corps Community Care outreach which is already established within The Salvation Army around the world. 

This is an international fellowship of Salvationist interested in forming an official Motorcycle Ministry within the organization of The Salvation Army in the past few years we have begun forming Corps Community Care Brigades for Motorcycle Ministry. All of its members are fully commissioned as Corps Community Care workers. 


Our Purpose: To Share the Good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ and to serve those within the motorcycle communites in His Name without discrimination.  


Our Mission: Members of The Salvation Army Motorcycle Ministry promise to make it a priority of their lives and Christian witness, to engage themselves in the biker community where ever they are welcomed for the purpose of bringing Salvation to the lost and to serve all who are suffering without discrimination.