The History of TSAMM: 

In November of the year 2000, the idea of a World Wide Salvation Army Christian Bikers Club had its birth in a vision shared by a number of Salvationists in Norway whose love for God and riding motorcycles converged to ignite a burning desire to spread the Good News of God’s Love within the biker culture and throughout the motorcycle community.

The idea was presented to The Salvation Army Territorial Leadership at the 2001 Congress held in Oslo, Norway. The concept received an enthusiastic response and the founding members set out to develop the work. It was organized after the manner of other motorcycle clubs and was called “Salvation Riders MC.” with in eight years the Motorcycle club had spread to eight countries. 

In 2010 it became apparent that the motorcycle club model did not work well with in The Salvation Army organizational structure of policies and procedures and a resolution to the dilemma was sought. As a result those members who wanted to remain organized as a Motorcycle Club split of and continue to this day as an independent club. Other members desiring to remain a Salvation Army associated ministry went on to develop a model that would work well within the governance of the organization. 

Finally it became clear that reaching out to bikers fit naturally into The Salvation Army existing program of the Corps Community Care. The Corps Community Care Brigades visit nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, shut-ins, children homes, and anywhere else there may be people in need of the love of God and Salvation through Christ. 

With the rapid growth of the biker clubs, and biker culture around the world, it is clear that there is a place for The Salvation Army to minister. 

Today, those individuals in The Salvation Army who are called by God to minister to bikers are called “Corps Community Care Outreach Workers for Motorcycle Ministry.” Corps Community Care brigades for motorcycle ministry have been organized and operate presently in seven territories throughout The Salvation Army, its memberships has reached nearly 150+ at the close of 2014. 

Our prayer is: 

Where ever there are bikers in need of a savior, there will be The Salvation Army Motorcycle Ministry Members to lead them to Christ.